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Welcome to Parents@Work

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Why we support working parents

Parents@Work is passionate about supporting employers and their working parents.

Many employers in Australia are not running at desired capacity due to inadequate family friendly policies and practices. In fact, according to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency only 13.2% of employers have a strategy for supporting caring responsibilities (WGEA’s Australia’s gender equality scorecard). 

What's more many working parents are unsatisfied with their work-life balance with some (usually women) opting out or reducing participation. This negatively impacts gender equality outcomes and diversity in Australian organisations as well as society at large. But it doesn't have to be like this. That's why we created Parents@Work - the only all-inclusive parenting program for corporate Australia.

Developing effective working parent programs isn’t just about doing the “right thing”, the business case for supporting working parents - men and women - is very strong and research highlights there is great value in having a diverse workforce and a family friendly organisational culture. See here for the research and business benefits of our parenting program.

To find out how we came about read our Birth Story

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