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Coaching program - What do employees get?

Managing work, busy schedules and growing careers whilst balancing it all with the needs of family life requires us to reflect and review our career and life plans regularly – particularly during times of change and transition. Career Equilibrium provides employees with this opportunity. Benefits to employees include:

   Reconnect with ease as they transition to and from parental leave
   Elevate their career and family life
   Equip them with the tools and support needed for short and long-term career success
   Create sustainable flexible work habits
   Feel in control and clear about career and family priorities
   Be inspired to review future career and family goals
   Gain resilience to work through new and unknown challenges
   Gain practical tools to achieve personal and professional goals
   Access confidential and independent career coaching experts to guide them through any change or challenge

Areas employees will explore with their coach...


  • Returning to work; a new role and conducting a job audit
  • Creating a sustainable career path; managing your short and long term career needs
  • Resetting goals and priorities – personally and professionally
  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Manage expectations & priorities
  • Create career resilience


  • Integrating / Re-balancing the family / work model
  • Explore family and life goals
  • Creating work and family rhythms that work for you
  • Ensuring your family caring needs are met
  • Managing conflicts
  • Managing expectations of self and others
  • Dealing with changes in identity and shifts in priority


  • Building resilience & confidence
  • Cultivating a rewarding lifestyle
  • Making time for ‘you’
  • Improve your work life happiness
  • Improve flexible work habits
  • Making flexible working work for you, your manager, your team & family

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