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Managing Your Career Course 

Reviewing your career and life plans and making them work for you



Review your career and life plans by joining our Managing Your Career course. This course will assist you to review your career and life plans, making them work for you. Clarify what you want and identify the steps you need to get you there. 

Course Topics

  • Managing your Career – the do’s, don’ts and things you should know
  • Conducting a Career Audit
  • Creating a Career Plan
  • Stop getting in your own way - what do you really want?
  • Creating work life happiness

Benefits & Learning Outcomes

This course will:

  • Provide you with an easy step by step process to review your career and life plan
  • Help you to review your current work life balance needs and solutions
  • Create a career plan that integrates with your family life and needs

Who is this course for?

The Managing Your Career course is suited to everyone at any career and life stage. It is best attended:

  • When you are evaluating your career and life plans and goals
  • If you’d like tips from career management experts on how to manage career and family needs
  • If you wish to set a direction and pathway for success


Course Enrolment Details


The Managing Your Career course provides you with a guidebook filled with practical tools, activities, valuable information and further resource links. It also include access to a group forum hosted by expert Career Coaches who will answer your parental leave questions. You’ll hear from other working parents on their experiences. This is offered via a live webinar.  Enrol anytime. You can start your course instantly and you’ll receive your course materials and forum webinar details via email. 


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