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Parent Concierge Service

The conversation that could make or break a happy, productive working parent 

Our premium concierge service provides employees and their managers one-on-one support from a working parent expert.

Our friendly and knowledgeable concierge team are there for employees anytime they need via email. Employees can feel comfortable asking them anything from work-life balance, career progression, childcare, legal rights and Governement support - anything to do with the trials and tribulations a working parent may face in the Australian workplace today.

A conversation with a concierge could be the difference between a working parent feeling overwhelmed and exhausted or being productive and enaged not to mention feeling supported and understood. As we say, no question is silly except the one not asked so it's important that working parents have someone they can go to who know this subject back to front. 

Given some topics can be very sensitive all conversations are kept strictly confidential and anyone who accesses the service is treated with utmost respect and care. 

Employees can access this secure service anytime using their username and password via the parents@work Portal™. The concierge service is part of the overall service provided with the portal and course program. 

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