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"Mothers have worse work-life outcomes than fathers, whether single or partnered." (2012 Australian Work and Life Index (AWALI) report)

Parents At Work Programs                                     

~ Connecting parents and managers to resources

Increase loyalty in your organisation and retain your talented working parents by supporting their journey with our comprehensive Parents@Work Program.

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The Parents@Work Program includes:

 24/7 Access to an Online Portal via mobile, tablet
 One-to-one Coaching
 Parenting & Health Professionals
 Career After Kids forums
 Career After Kids Toolkit
 Plans, checklists and other toolkits
 Parents Forum
 Dedicated Parents@Work consultant

The Parents@Work Portal™

This program is centred on our interactive and all-inclusive online Parents@Work portal™. The portal is designed to deliver all the resources a working parent needs and can be tailored and customised for your organisation. Employees and managers can obtain quick and easy access to your organisation’s policies, government entitlements and resources.

The portal covers the 4 stages we recognise in a working parent’s journey, including:

  1. Preparing for parental leave
  2. Staying in touch whilst on leave
  3. Returning to work, and
  4. Managing your career as a working parent

The portal is divided into five parts:

  • Overview
  • Entitlements
  • Career Resources
  • Training/Courses
  • Parent Resources

Features of the portal include:

  • Q&A service
  • Chat forum
  • Seminar registration
  • Coaching reservation
  • Child care search 

Extra features available to complement a company’s corporate identity include customised branding, links to an organisations internal job board and information on parental resources and benefits offered by the employer.

Request a call for a complimentary Family Friendly Flexible health check or to test drive the Parents At Work Program.

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