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​parents@work Portal™ 

The interactive and all-inclusive online parents@work Portal™ has been designed as the integral delivery platform for all our working parents programs. Flexible and easy to use, the portal contains all the resources your employees need to manage their careers and their family responsibilities.

The parents@work Portal™ can be customised and branded to your organisations needs. Give your employees and managers easy access to:

  • Open classroom learning via our online and face-to-face workshops
  • Organisational policies and information about government entitlements
  • Child care information and search function plus other working parent resources
  • A dedicated Parents@Work concierge service to ask anything at anytime, from anywhere
  • Tools to help employees stay in touch whilst on leave
  • Access to parenting and health professionals

The portal covers 4 stages of the working parent’s journey:

  • Preparing for parental leave
  • Staying in touch whilst on leave
  • Returning to work
  • Managing your career as a working parent

Extra features available to complement your organisations corporate identity include:

  • Customised branding
  • Links to an internal job board
  • Information on company-specific parenting resources and benefits

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To find out how the parents@work Portal™ can help your business create a sustainable, family friendly workplace, contact us for a trial. 

The trial includes:

​→ Live access to the parents@work Portal™

​→ A downloadable brochure to give to employee

​→ Instant access to toolkits, templates and activities

​→ The opportunity to speak to one of our executive career coaches


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