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Standard Membership

Standard Membership = Access to online customisable portal and course series

This 12 month starter package is the simple way to support your working parent employees, enabling them to self-manage their working lives as professionals and parents.  It will help them to plan and prepare for parental leave, return to work, manage their career as working parent, create flexible work arrangements and much more. 

Membership to this package includes:

How It Works

  1. On purchasing a membership/s, Parents@Work assigns a consultant to your organisation
  2. Online access is activated to the parents@work Portal™ for up to 12 months
  3. Working parent employees may attend any Career After Kids courses for up to 12 months
  4. Working parent employees receive the relevant Career after Kids Course Guides for each course they enrol on, with details of how to attend the forum facilitated by our career coaches
  5. Post-program evaluation is conducted so you and your employee can assess the effectiveness of the membership

We also have a Professional Membership available. Both memberships are available in a customised and branded version. Whichever membership you choose for your employees you will have a complete end-to-end working parent and carer solution.

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